Resolution by John Meaney

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  • Title: Resolution
  • Author: John Meaney
  • Category: Fiction
  • Date: October 2010
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 9781591026006


Ebook description:

The conflict in opposition to The Blight is over, and the subterranean realms of Nulapeiron have an opportunity for peace. But Tom Corcorigan, revolutionary and conflict hero, newly married and eager for the quiet life, is aware of {that a} larger pressure threatens his world: the planet-consuming Anomaly, which has absorbed billions of people and alien beings into itself. Tom’s affiliation with the disembodied Eemur’s Head, the flensed and bloody stays of a strong Seer, modifications him into one thing more than a poverty-stricken Lord. The spacetime-warping science of Seers and Oracles penetrates the guts of actuality, bringing new enemies and allies into Tom’s life. And his “story crystal,” a present from a mysterious mu-space Pilot, reveals more of the Pilots’ historical past and true nature, and the existence of their dwelling in a universe no odd human being can expertise: the unusual, shifting, dwelling fractal metropolis that’s Labyrinth. Soon the Anomaly, an evil far more highly effective than its offspring Blight, rips into the world, decimating the human realms. Among the free people who survive within the floating terraformer spheres of Nulapeiron’s skies, solely the forces commanded by Tom Corcorigan have an opportunity in opposition to this all-powerful invader. For solely a Warlord who’s now not human, who’s keen to sacrifice every part, can ship humanity from darkness. Resolution concludes the trilogy of Nulapeiron tales that includes Tom Corcorigan, bringing the story to a triumphant climax and revealing the devastating secret of the Oracles’ creation


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