Sex and Common-Sense by A. Maude Royden

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  • Title: Sex and Common-Sense
  • Author: A. Maude Royden
  • Category: Self-Help
  • Date: January 1921
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 1775564150


Ebook description:

Of all the issues which the alert and curious thoughts of recent man is contemplating, none occupies him more than that of the relations of the sexes. This is pure. It touches us all and now we have made fairly a large number of it! We wish to know why, and we wish to do higher. We resent being the game of circumstance and maybe we’re starting to grasp that this intuition of intercourse which has been so nice a explanation for struggling and disgrace and has been handled as a topic match just for furtive whispers or foolish jokes, is in reality one of many best powers in human nature, and that its misuse is certainly “the expense of spirit in a waste of disgrace.” It will not be the irregular or the weird that pursuits most of us to-day. It will not be into the by-ways of vice that we search to penetrate. It is the traditional train of a standard intuition by regular those that pursuits us: and it’s of this that I’ve tried to jot down and converse. The curiosities of depravity are for the doctor and the psychologist to debate and remedy. Ordinary males and ladies need first to know the way to reside strange human lives on a better stage and after a nobler sample than earlier than. They need, I feel, – and I would like, – to develop up, however to develop rightly, fantastically, humanely. And I consider the primary important is to appreciate that the sex-problem, as it’s known as, is the issue of one thing noble, not one thing base. It will not be a “unpleasant obligation” to know our personal natures and perceive our personal instincts: it’s a pleasure. The sex-instinct will not be “the Fall of Man”; neither is it an occasion of divine knowledge on which moralists might, if that they had solely been consulted in time, enormously have improved. It is a factor noble in essence. It is the event of the upper, not the decrease, creation. It is the asexual which is the decrease, and the sexually differentiated which is the upper organism


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