The Minstrels Song #4 by Jac Eddins

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  • Title: The Minstrels Song #4
  • Author: Jac Eddins
  • Category: Fiction
  • Date: January 2008
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 415887364


Ebook description:

Minstrel towards Demon! Returning from his quest for a protecting amulet, Arthur the Minstrel finds the druid outpost destroyed and his beloved Malwyn lacking. Together, he and his companions should find and rescue her. Meanwhile, Malwin, the druidess, helpless as a consequence of a head damage, has been taken captive by the evil Baron and the Demon he serves. The Demon plans to grab the key of her powers from her thoughts, and free himself to overcome the world. Presenting himself as a easy minstrel, Arthur enters the fort of the Baron pretending to be a minstrel within the upcoming festivities. Surrounded by hazard, in peril of being acknowledged at any second, Arthur lastly finds Malwyn–and the Demon! It’s a second the Demon has been ready for ever since Arthur joined the Druid’s efforts to oppose him. What can a minstrel do towards the superior powers of a Demon? Will this be the tip of the minstrel’s track? Balrog Award winner Ardath Mayhar, writer of Warlock’s Gift, The Black Tower, and The World Ends in Hickory Hollow, calls the Minstrel’s Song, “Engaging and gratifying, with a substantial amount of originality. I notably just like the gnome, Squeak, and his hot-air balloon. The characters are likeable, and the motion continuous … a enjoyable read. The first ebook is ended satisfactorily, whereas organising the fundamental premise for future novels coping with persevering with difficulties with the dormant Demon. What enjoyable!” much less Renaissance E Books ; January 2008 149 pages;


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