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  • Title: The Spymaster
  • Author: Donald Freed
  • Category: Fiction
  • Date: January 1996
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 1886420246


Ebook description:

With this novel, the writer of Inquest and Executive Action has managed fiction-created-from-fact that transcends and informs reality — an electrifying saga of a exceptional man’s private and non-private lives that’s maybe to the key world of spydom what The Godfather was to oragnized crime. The Spymaster is Vivian T. Prescott, an American golden boy out of Yale’s holy-of-holies. Skull and Bones, chum of Jack Kennedy, athlete, lover, son of FDR’s confidant…then with Wild Bill Donovan’s World War II OSS, going up in opposition to Heydrich andeven Hitler…Cold War go-between to masterspy Gehlen…nemesis of J. Edgar Hoover…and eventually Director of Central Intelligence. His life and profession embody the “mole” Kim Philby, the Rosenbergs, the U-2 disaster and the Bay of Pigs…a narrative that tasks who actually plotted the Kennedy and King assassinations, and what JFK would have accomplished concerning the CIA and the Vietnam conflict had he lived. It dramatically poses who was in fact working the key authorities within the United States–a CIA faction that infiltrated Nixon’s reelection committee, and went uncontrolled behind the chaos of Watergate, nearly tearing the nation asunder…more intrigues than one ever suspected — with Kissinger, the coverups, the tapes, the tips, the FBI… Vivian Prescott, Spymaster, was additionally a person whose want for one lady shrouded a profound and secret grief for one more, and whose life, like his nation’s, was a torrent of shock, betrayal and heroic promise. From Boson Books comes this epic story of the stunning secret America behind and past the information as reported within the final 35 years. The China Card by Donald Freed can also be accessible from Boson Books. For an writer bio and picture, critiques and a studying pattern, go to


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