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  • Title: Think!
  • Author: Michael R. LeGault
  • Category: Self-Help
  • Date: August 2006
  • Lenguage: English
  • Pages: unknown
  • ISBN: 1416524665


Ebook description:

This is not the time to Blink. It’s time to THINK! — earlier than it is too late. Outraged by the downward spiral of American mind and tradition, Michael R. LeGault provides the flip facet of Malcolm Gladwell’s bestselling phenomenon, Blink, which theorized that our greatest decision-making is finished on impulse, with out factual data or important evaluation. If bestselling books are advising us to not suppose, LeGault argues, it comes as no shock that sharp, incisive reasoning has change into a misplaced artwork within the every day lifetime of Americans. Somewhere alongside the road, the Age of Reason morphed into the Age of Emotion; this systemic erosion is costing time, cash, jobs, and lives within the twenty-first century, resulting in much less success and rising dysfunction. LeGault offers a daring, controversial, and goal evaluation of the causes and options for: the erosion of progress and market share at many established American corporations, large and small, which seem to have much less probability of attaining the dynamic enlargement of the previous permissive parenting and low requirements which have brought about a tutorial disaster amongst our youngsters — physique weights rise whereas grades plummet America’s rising political polarization, which is a results of our reluctance to suppose exterior our consolation zone defective planning and failure to behave on data in any respect ranges that has led to preventable disasters, such because the Hurricane Katrina meltdown a tradition of picture and instantaneous gratification, fed by actuality reveals and laptop video games, that has rendered curiosity of the thoughts and spirit all however out of date stress, aversion to taking dangers, and remedy which are changing the standard American “can do” mind-set. Far from perpetuating the stereotype of the complacent American, LeGault’s no-holds-barred evaluation asks more of us than every other societal overview: America can fulfill its biggest potential beginning right now, and we’d like sensible lecturers, sensible well being care staff, sensible gross sales representatives, sensible college students, sensible mechanics, and sensible leaders to make it occur. Now is the time to THINK! — as a result of a thoughts really is a horrible factor to waste


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